Our real work begins after sales:
fast and reliable service,
permanently and inexpensive spare parts.

Customer satisfaction and happiness.

Founded in 1996, ASE is the first company in Turkey to manufacture plaster/mortar mixing, pumping and spraying machines.

With its professional production and management staff, ASE has closely followed the latest technological developments and today it is the greatest company of the industry in Turkey.

With the largest manufacturing substructure of Turkey in the plastering and screed machines, ASE is one of the leading machinery manufacturers of the industry in the world.

As ASE puts a great emphas is on quality in manufacture, it makes machines as compliant to international standards and suitable for harsh site conditions. It has ISO 9001:2008, CE, GOST-R quality certificates.

ASE manufactures all its machinery in Turkey with engineers and technicians - all experts in their fields, under high quality standards. The company exports its economic, efficient and high quality products to more than 40 countries, including especially the European countries.

As well as ASE's being the market leader and pioneer in Turkey, ASE machinery is also operated in a great number of regions all around the world in an efficient and satisfactory manner. ASE properly represents the Turkish Products image and quality in the international arena.

Adopting the principle "real work begins aſter sales", ASE puts so much importance on aſter sales support and service. It responds to customer demands swiſtly and creates fast solutions.

Anyone from any part of the world contacting us any time would find the well-known Turkish friendliness and cordiality. We will be happy to share all our knowledge and experience with you.

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