ASE SHM 25 is a multi-purpose, small-sized, modular, easy to carry, horizontal continuous mortar mixer.

It continuously produces homogenous mixtures by automatically taking any lime- or cement-based dry pre-mixed mortars bagged in a granule size of up to 4 mm or silo mortars and water in any specified rate.

ASE SHM 25 can be easily combined to the mortar conveying pumps. Material feed may be made from the bag or silo.

ASE SHM 25 is an ideal mixer for mixing especially insulating plasters and multi-composition mortars and for spraying with small screw pumps.



Technical Details

Mixing capacity:*

20-50 l/min

Power supply:

380 V, 50 Hz

Mixer motor:

3,0 kW

Speed of motor:

280 rpm

Water supply connection:


Water pressure:

min. 2,5 bar

Fuse protection:

16 A

Power cable:

5x2,5 mm2

Hopper content:

70 l

Loading height:

930 mm


1900 mm


680 mm


1000 mm

Total weight:

120 kg

* Depending on motor speed, mortar quality, composition and consistency, type of the mixing shaft.

Fields of Applications

For all mixes bagged, lime- and cement-based ready-mixed dry mortars with grain size of max. 4 mm, such as:

Insulating plasters

Reinforcing mortars

Cement renders

Lime renders

Levelling compounds

Masonry mortar

Light masonry mortars

Finishing coats

Screed mortars

Restoration renders

Bonding mortars

Tilling and jointing mortars

... and many more

Standart Equipments

Geared motor 3,0 kW

Integrated control box

Centrifugal water pump 1 HP

Water hose 1” 5 m with check valve and filter

Water flow meter complete 150-1.500 l/h

Power cable 5x2,5 mm2 25 m CEE cpl. 32 A

Shifting spanner

6/125 screwdriver