During the spraying application of certain multi-composition special mortars with a machine, it is critical in terms of quality and application that the mixing continues for a given period of time and react with air. The ideal machine for this work is the ASE DUOJET model.

DUOJET is a superior performance and easy to move, mobile ready-mixed plastering machine where a continuous mortar mixer and screw mortar pump are combined on the same body. Since the compressor unit is also on the same body, using is highly easy and practical.

With DUOJET, it is possible to pump ready-mixed wet mortars to higher floors, e.g. to the 15th floor above the ground.



Technical Details

Pumping capacity:*

35 l/min

With various pump:*

70 l/min

Pumping pressure:*

40 bar

Conveying distance:*

100 m

Conveying height:*

40-50 m

Power supply:

380 V, 50 Hz

Pumping motor:

7,50 kW

Mixer motor:

3,0 kW

Water supply connection:


Water pressure:

min. 2,5 bar

Compressor capacity:

0,9 kW, 250 l/min

Remote control:


Power cable:

5x4 mm2

Output coupling:


Conveying hose:

Ø 35 mm

Loading height:

1070 mm

Dimensions (L/W/H):

3300/1200/1120 mm

Total weight:

580 kg

* Depending on motor speed, mortar quality, composition and consistency, pump type and condition, diameter of the conveying hose, conveying height.

Fields of Applications

For all pumpable ready-mixed dry mortars or pumpable ready wet mortars, such as:

Cement based plasters

Lime plasters

Perlite plasters

Interior plasters

Exterior plaster

Restoration plaster

Cement renders

Cement-lime plaster

Masonry mortar

Injection mortars

Insulating plasters

Reinforcing mortars

Bonding mortars

Self-levelling floor screeds

... and many more.

Standart Equipments

Pump unit 2 L 6

Geared motor 7,50 kW

Geared motor 3,0 kW

Mortar hose 35 mm 10 m with couplings

Air hose 10 mm 11 m with GEKA couplings

Reducing coupling 50/35 mm

Water hose 1” 5 m with check valve and filter

Control box with phase sequence relay

Water flow meter complete 150-1,500 l/h

Air compressor oil-less diaphragm type; Handy K 2 with pressure switch-off

Spraying gun Ø 35 mm, nozzle 18 mm

Power cable 5x4 mm2 25 m CEE cpl. 32 A

Centrifugal water pump 1 HP

Cleaning sponge ball Ø 50 mm

Round file

Shifting spanner

6/125 screwdriver