ASE SIVAJET is a small sized ready-mixed plaster machine. It is a light practical to carry, space-efficient, durable, ideal and economic machine for small works that do not necessitate big machinery.

ASE SIVAJET can fulfil the same applications as the ASE SM 5 can. It is possible to make applications with any ready-mixed dry mixture materials and to work constantly.

Only one person is enough to mount and demount it and it can be easily carried in a car trunk.



Technical Details

Pumping capacity:*

25 l/min

With various pump:*

6-55 l/min

Pumping pressure:*

30 bar

Conveying distance:*

max. 50 m


380 V, 50 Hz

Pumping motor:

5,50 kW

Power cable:

5x4 mm2

Power supply:

380 V, 32 A

Fuse protection:

3x25 A

Water supply connection:


Water pressure:

min. 2,5 bar

Compressor capacity:

0,9 kW, 250 l/min

Remote control:


Mortar hose:

Ø 25 mm

Loading height:

1140 mm

Dimensions (L/W/H):

1100/730/1400 mm

Total weight:

155 kg

Fields of Applications

For all pumpable ready-mixed dry mortars, such as:

Gypsum plasters

Lime-gypsum plasters

Cement renders

Lime plasters

Cement-lime plaster

Exterior plaster

Injection mortars

Insulating plasters

Reinforcing mortars

Bonding mortars

Slot mortars

Self-levelling floor screeds

... and many more.

Standart Equipments

Pump unit D 6-3

Geared motor 5,5 kW

Control box with phase sequence relay

Mortar hose 25 mm 10 m with couplings

Air hose 10 mm 11 m with GEKA couplings

Water hose 1” 5 m with check valve and filter

Plaster spraying gun Ø 25 mm, nozzle 14 mm

Air compressor oil-less diaphragm type; Handy K 2 with pressure switch-off

Mixing shaft

Cleaning shaft complete

Power cable 5x4 mm2 25 m CEE cpl. 32 A

Centrifugal water pump 1 HP

Cleaning sponge ball Ø 30 mm

Round file

Shifting spanner

6/125 screwdriver