Many screed, plaster and structural mortars are hard to be pumped due to their compositions and chemical additives. Higher pumping pressures should be applied on them for continuous uses.

For constant pressures equal to and over 40 bars, mechanically driven cylinder pumps or screw pumps are not suitable. This is just the work for a double piston pump driven by a hydraulic power unit that is the ASE HSP.

In ASE HSP models, thanks to their hydraulic power unit advantage, it is possible to change the pumping capacity and the pressure setting according to the application requirement. The ASE HSP is operated by minimum abrasion component cost compared to screw pumps.

HSP/EM is electric pumps and pumps with a lifting mixer.



Technical Details

Output capacity:*

10-150 l/min

Pumping pressure:*

60 bar

Working pressure:*

40 bar

Maximum aggregate:

8-10 mm

Conveying distance:*

200 m

Conveying height:*

60 m

Power supply:

400 V, 50 Hz

Drive motor:

15,0 kW

Mortar piston diameter:

100 mm

Stroke length:

300 mm

Mixer content:

220 l


350 l/min, 8 bar


0,17 kW, 205 kg

Sieve with vibrator:

8 mm

Power cable:

5x4 mm2

Remote control:

Pneumatic + cable

Output coupling:


Suction connection:


Material hose:

Ø 50+35 mm

For screed application:

Ø 50 mm

For spray application:

Ø 35 mm

Dimensions (L/W/H):

3950/1860/1600 mm

Loading height:

970 mm

Total weight approx.:

1620 kg

* Depending on piston speed, mortar quality, composition and consistency, diameter of the conveying hose, conveying height.

Fields of Applications

For all ready-mixed mortars or well-pumpable mixtures with a 0-8 mm granule dispersion to be prepared in the site, hard-to-pump mortars, cement or calcareous cement mortars, lightweight mortars with a large number of air pores, such as:

Screed mortars

Lightweight concrete

Fibre concrete

Special plasters

Conventional plaster

Stucco siding

Binding plasters

Masonry mortar


Insulating plasters

Injection mortars

Spraying mortars

Fillers and bonding mortars

Reinforcing and adhesive mortars

... and many more.

Standart Equipments

Mortar hose Ø 50 mm 20 m with couplings

Mortar hose Ø 50 mm 10 m with couplings

Mortar hose Ø 35 mm 10 m with couplings

Air hose Ø 10 mm 41 m with GEKA couplings

Reducing coupling 50/35 mm

Integrated pressure manometer 0-100 bar

Spray gun Ø 35 mm, nozzle 18 mm

Air compressor 350 l/min 8 bar

Power cable 5x4 mm2, 25 m CEE cpl. 32 A

Cleaning sponge ball Ø 60 mm

Cleaning sponge ball Ø 50 mm

Round file

Shifting spanner

6/125 screwdriver