These are the most advanced superior performance pumps designed especially for ready-mixed wet screed applications, operated by a rotor-stator system, and with a pumping capacity of 18 m3 per hour.

They are ideal to pump ready-mixed wet mortars or lightweight concrete materials in S4 consistency with a pumpable design up to a granule size of 16 mm received from the plant or prepared in the site.

The model EVP 18 has the feature that the pumping capacity, thanks to its frequency converter, can be adjusted in any rate any time according to the application requirement.



Technical Details

Pumping capacity:*

18 m3/h

Pumping pressure:*

30 bar

Maximum granule size:

16 mm

Conveying distance:*

100 m

Conveying height:*

40 m


400 V, 50 Hz

Pump motor:

15 kW, geared motor

Hopper content:

240 l


0,17 kW, 205 kg

Sieve with vibrator:

16 mm

Output coupling:

2 1⁄2”

Material hose:

Ø 65 mm

For pouring-spraying:

Ø 50 mm

Dimensions (L/W/H):

3900/1460/1300 mm

Loading height:

1150 mm

Total weight approx.:

1340 kg

* Depending on motor speed, mortar quality, composition and consistency, pump type and condition, diameter of the conveying hose, conveying height. Consistency class: S4 (fluid). Slump range: 160-210 mm

Fields of Applications

For all pumpable ready-mixed wet mortars or lightweight concrete mixtures up to a granule size of 16 mm, such as:

Screed mortars

Self-levelling screed

Anhydride based screed

Self-compacting concrete

Lightweight concrete pumping

Fibre reinforced concrete

Polystyrene lightweight concrete

Wet Shotcrete


Insulating mortars

Injection mortars

Spraying mortars

Reinforcing mortars

Masonry mortars

Fillers and bonding mortars

Rough casts

Restoration plasters

... and many more

Standart Equipments

Pumping unit 2 L 8

Geared motor 15 kW, 400 V

Control panel with frequency converter

Sieve with vibrator, overturnable 16 mm

Output flange extra long 2 1⁄2”

Integrated mortar pressure gauge 0-60 bar

Power cable 5x4 mm2 TTR, 25 m

Tool box