ASE TKS is a machine operated by the time adjusted rotor principle and transferring concrete, mortar or refractory materials dry and applying them via spraying.

ASE TKS, thanks to its advanced modular system, can fulfil all needs. It can be adjusted according to all site conditions and the desired performance.



Technical Details

Theoretical spraying capacity:*

7,5 m3/h

Practical spraying capacity:*

6 m3/h

Rotor capacity:

11 l

Max. aggregate size:

20 mm

Motor power:

7,5 kW, 380 V, 50 Hz

Electric driven vibrator:

0,12 kW, 50 Hz, 62,5 kg

Air consumption:

10-13 m3/min (at 6 bar)

Hose diameter:

65/85 mm


1550 mm


1200 mm



Total weight:

625 kg

* Practical conveying capacity can be 4-9 m3/h upon request.

* Depending on aggregate, material characteristic, air pressure and machine maintenance condition.

Fields of Applications

ASE TKS can be used for many different applications, such as:

Concrete repair

Rocks aping

Refractory spraying

Swimming pool construction

Mine and tunnel linings


Little hills

Brae fixing

Swimming pools

Water parks


Thermal springs

Water decorations

Rock cracks

Artificial rock

Artificial waterfall

Curtain wall

Panel building systems

Fibre reinforced concrete spray

... and many more.

Standart Equipments

Special semi wet spraying attachment as ready for spraying

Material hose Ø 65 mm 20 m

Clamp 2,5”

Coupling 2,5”

Mixing unit

Nozzle head 2,5”